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Client Testimonials

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"I'm extremely excited to work with Black Diamond PR Firm! With Lacrosse being the fastest growing team sport in America, having Brandy and her team behind me will allow me to shine a light on the great aspects of Lacrosse. Through the work I do with ASPIRE Project, ThrillaNation and Apex Nutrition Group I hope to impact as many people as possible, partnering with Black Diamond PR Firm makes that possible."

-Bill O'Brien, Professional LaCrosse, Buffalo Bandits

"If you want to get out in front of the movers-and shakers…link up with the PR firm that can make that happen. Black Diamond thinks BIG…and goes BIG."


-Shawn Anderson

 Founder of Extra Mile America, and the creator of Extra Mile Day in the United States

"In the summer of 2015, I was searching for opportunities to promote my ecommerce business, GRACE & MANNERS, and stumbled upon Black Diamond PR Firm/Celebrity Gifting.  As a creative entrepreneur, my objective was to gain a foothold on Influencer Marketing in the hope of finding celebrity endorsements for my product and social mission/cause.  What I found was a golden opportunity to participate in some of the most prestigious product placement and client services imaginable. The Grace & Manners Postcard Collection was presented in the Official Event Guide for the 95th Annual Miss America Swag Bag Event which was especially fortunate to me, having my merchandise featured with this particular group, since as eloquently stated by a rival pageant winner, 2004 Miss USA Shandi Finnessey on Fox & Friends,   “Miss USA girls want to grow up to be Victoria Secret models, and Miss America girls want to be doctors and lawyers.” {Megan Viola-Vu in Pageant News Jan. 10, 2013}  My association with a company having clients of this caliber secures my goal of identifying individuals who have influence with potential buyers/opportunities, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.  Their staff has an attentive, goal oriented, patient and calming presence while communicating clearly and cooperatively.  I find Black Diamond PR Firm/Celebrity Gifting to be an invaluable asset and consider them a respected resource in advancing the GRACE & MANNERS brand and the cooperative efforts of our social impact initiatives."

-Kathy Anderson, Owner

Grace & Manners

"Black Diamond allowed us the opportunity for product placement in Miss America Swag Bags. Not only was this great coverage for our brand, but the PR we received just by being able to say our product was included in the bag was impressive."


Erica Harriss, Founder
Saving Grace Beauty


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