Submission Guidelines


Interested in submitting your band for review and possible representation?


Please email with the following information:


*Please note that ANY submission that does not include ALL of the following items will 

be discarded immediately. 


1.  Name of Band

2. Music Genre

3. Complete list of all band member names & positions

4. Full names of all current representation

5. Link to all social media accounts for the group (if band members have individual fan pages you may include them also:





-IMDb if applicable



-Any others please include


6. Link to Band's Official Website (if more than one please provide)

7. Where is the band currently based out of

8. How many gigs/events are played annually?

9. Does the band currently travel, and if so, how often/how far?

10. Links to music and/or music videos (up to 5)

11. Please send headshots and/or Professional photo of the band together

12.  Please look at the list of services we provide and then outline the types of services 

you are wanting us to provide. This can be as few as 1 and as many as all.

13. Give us your background story including your short-term & long-term goals.

14. Please understand that PR Services are never free.  Please let us know your expected

PR Budget capabilities per month (this is the budget your group can set aside to spend on PR 

each month under contract).

15. Email your complete submission to  with the

subject line "BAND SUBMISSION: (Your Band Name)"


 *Once we have received your full & complete submission, please allow up to 4 weeks for a response. 

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