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Services for Athletes

Black Diamond is heavily networked in the sport and entertainment industry and we understand the needs of those in the world of Sports. We know how important the right exposure and branding is to successfully launching you as an athlete. From training to execution, we can work with you to customize the right strategy and PR campaign to make your brand a success. We care about working alongside you to carve out the perfect image and reach the right target audience. We use all digital media, as well as print & television, to help magnify your project and increase visibility. Whether you're creating a foundation or building a fan base, our knowledge and expertise can help you achieve your goals.  We offer aggressive, cutting edge marketing and athlete management that is second to none.


We provide in-depth position evaluation and customized training plans, through our alliances with elite professional trainers, to help our clients prepare for the NFL Scouting Combine, National Combine Prep, and pro-day testing. Our trainers are experienced working with pro & semi-pro athletes and specialize in draft preparation.


Weekly consulting for your career will keep you on point as we connect you with appearances, speaking engagements, product launches, equity partnerships, philanthropic endeavors, negotiations, and all of your strategic campaigns. 


Through our client-focused relationships, which are built on trust and ethics, we strive to cultivate the whole athlete. We build your brand through endorsements, strategic PR Campaigns, Social Media, Speaking opportunities, appearances, and more.


Partnering our athletes with the business brands and companies is a passion for us. We work to build our athletes as influencers in Sport and pair them with unique branding and endorsement opportunities. 


We partner with elite professional trainers who specialize in pro & semi-pro clientele. Physical conditioning as well as strength training are critical as part of the off-season and is a focal client service offering.

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Black Diamond coordinates hundreds of events every single year. All of our pro athletes are partnered with National Non-Profits that align with their personal interests and charitable initiatives. Our agency strives to diversify each individual client's cause marketing projects and help them engage in 3-5 charitble events per year, on average.


We are committed to negotiating the most competitive deals for our clients, leaving nothing on the table. We work closely with NFL and CFL certified contract advisors to leverage powerful contracts that are client-focused.


We manage your on & off-field career, from the start of your professional athlete journey, to transition, and beyond! We create exposure, opportunities, contracts, endorsements, Philanthropy, and so much more.


We want to ensure that our clients have a lifetime of financial security with minimal risk. We have partnered with some of the most knowledgeable and trusted advisors for wealth management and tax planning to bring the best  services to our players.


Athletes risk injury every time they walk onto the field, including potential career-ending events. We work with leaders in the insurance industry to ensure that our athletes have access to competitive options when it comes to insurance. 


We will help guide you toward beneficial partnerships during your career and help you plan for a lucrative transition once your playing days are over. We work closely with organizations to help you get your foundations up and running and help you invest or partner in businesses you believe in.

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