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Available Services

Black Diamond Sport & Entertainment Group has been a leader in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Our agency is your trusted partner in representing public and motivational speakers, offering a wide range of services tailored to their unique needs. Our commitment to excellence, personalized approach, and industry expertise ensure that our clients receive the support and guidance they need to thrive in their speaking careers and achieve enduring success in the competitive world of public speaking.


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Entertainment Marketing

  • Our Entertainment Marketing service offers speakers a dynamic and strategic approach to promoting their messages and speaking inspirations in the competitive entertainment industry. From digital marketing to experiential events, we craft innovative campaigns that engage fans, elevate your career, and open doors to exciting new opportunities. Let us be your partner in success and take your speaking career to new heights through powerful entertainment marketing.

Community Engagement & Charity Work

  • Community Outreach: Assisting speakers in making a positive impact through charitable initiatives and community engagement.

  • Event Participation: Coordinating appearances and participation in community events, charity fundraisers, and workshops.

Sponsorships & Endorsement Management

  • Our Sponsorship & Endorsement Marketing service is designed to empower speakers to build strong partnerships with renowned brands, strengthen their brand presence, and increase their revenue streams. By letting us handle the complex negotiations and marketing strategies, you can focus on your passion—speaking and motivating others. Let us help you take your speaking career to new heights through powerful sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

Reputation Management

  • Our Reputation Management service offers speakers a strategic and tailored approach to protect, enhance, and manage their public image in the competitive entertainment industry. With a focus on brand consistency and proactive communication, we safeguard your reputation and position you for long-term success. Let us be your partner in reputation management, ensuring your speaking career remains on a positive trajectory in the digital age.

  • Crisis Communication: Developing strategies to address negative situations and managing public perception effectively.

Personal Branding & PR

  • Personal Brand Development: Crafting a unique personal brand identity that resonates with fans and sponsors.

  • Media Relations: Building relationships with your target market and entertainment journalists and media outlets to secure coverage.

  • Press Releases: Crafting and distributing press releases to announce significant achievements, events, and partnerships.

  • Media Training: Preparing you for interviews, press conferences, and media interactions.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

  • Financial Advisement: Connecting you with financial experts to manage and grow your wealth.

  • Investment Guidance: Providing insights into investment opportunities and strategies to secure your financial future.

Event Management

  • Personal Events: Organizing and promoting speaker hosted events, charity galas, and fundraisers. - Fan Interactions: Creating opportunities for speakers to meet their fans, attend Q&A sessions, and participate in interactive experiences.

  • Fan Meet & Greet Facilitation & Management

Marketing Services

  • Brand Development

  • Crafting and refining the speaker's brand identity.

  • Creating logos, taglines, and branding materials.

  • Content Creation and Strategy

  • Developing engaging content for blogs, articles, and social media.

  • Crafting speeches, presentations, and scripts.

Email Marketing

  • Designing and sending newsletters.

  • Managing email lists and segmenting audiences.

  • Tracking and analyzing email campaign performance.

Management Services

  • Booking and Scheduling

  • Securing speaking engagements.

  • Coordinating travel and logistics.

  • Managing calendars and itineraries.

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Handling contracts with event organizers and clients.

  • Ensuring fair compensation and favorable terms.

  • Financial Management

  • Managing invoicing and payments.

  • Budgeting and financial planning.

  • Event Planning and Coordination

  • Planning and organizing events and appearances.

  • Coordinating with event staff and vendors.

  • Ensuring smooth execution of events.

  • Personal Branding

  • Providing wardrobe and styling advice.

  • Coaching on personal presentation and public speaking skills.

  • Audience Engagement and Feedback

  • Collecting and analyzing audience feedback.

  • Implementing strategies to improve future engagements.

  • Product Development

  • Assisting in creating books, courses, and other products.

  • Marketing and distributing speaker's products.

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