Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm has been a leader in Sponsorships, Endorsements, and product placement for nearly 15 years. Our process is easy! Once you contract with Black Diamond, our Sponsorships & Endorsement team has discussiones with brands that fit your personality and interests. We will bring any potential deal to your attention for you to partner. You have the ability to accept or decline any offers we procure for you. You will know deliverable dates, and all requirements before you accept a deal. This includes how much product or monetary compensation the brand is offering and what deliverables they expect in return. As always, Black Diamond will negotiate all deals with the client's best interest at heart!


This offer is for ONE YEAR of Sponsorship & Endorsement Representation & Management, with this being payment for the 1st month of service only. The remaining 11 months will be contracted through our Contracting software after you complete this checkout.  You must have a social media following of 1,000 or more on at least one of your social media accounts to qualify.


Sponsorship & Endorsement Representation Includes:

*Month to month S&E representation only (please contact us to add additional representation services)

*Research to partner you with brands

*Documentation of brand outreach & negotations

*Procurement of Sponsorship/Endorsement opportunities

*Negotiation of endorsement & sponsorship deals

*Management of endorsement & Sponsorship deals

*Weekly reporting of our work, negotiations, outreach, and securement of deals (via email)


This is a 12 month agreement which can be cancelled at any time with 30-days written notice & completion of any pending secured deals. Any deals not completed as agreed will be billed to you at full retail value as well as late fees. 





Monthly Sponsorship & Endorsement Representation Package