Black Diamond PR Firm is an Award-Winning Dallas-based Public Relations Firm that specializes in the entertainment and business industry. If you're looking for more than a brief service call, our Consultation Package is perfect for you! We don't try to sell you on our service, we simply have a no-obligation conversation to speak with you about your current situation, answer your questions, and give you guidance on how to move forward.

Our talented staff of publicists has a combined 83 years of experience in PR & Marketing and we love putting our brains on new projects! Are you wondering what to do next with your career or business? Perhaps you just need some ideas to help boost what you're already doing. 

You will have an opportunity to tell us about your business, your current challenges, your short & long term goals, as well as ask some targeted questions. We will provide you with a one hour phone consultation as well as follow-up with a one-page consultation sheet that answers your questions, gives you feedback and ideas, as well as share some of our valuable resources with you. In some cases, you may receive step-by-step guidance on what to do next. We have been helping folks become successful for 12 years and operate offices worldwide. 

Our services are ideal for authors, writers, musicians, corporate and small business owners, actors, athletes, and more. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Once you have your analysis and strategy report, following your one-hour consultation, you may proceed with your plans or you have the option to consult further or retain us as your Firm.

One Hour Consultation, Analysis, and Strategy Report