You are invited to submit your player profile for inclusion in the Free Agents of 2020, end of year digest. Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm will be compiling the profiles of Free Agents from all across the country to showcase in this year's digest. 


This digest includes:

Your full-page player profile, complete with 2 photos, your bio, all relevant stats, personal contact information (your phone/email for contact purposes), as well as links to your film.



The Free Agents of 2020 digest will be distributed to over 300 contacts: coaches, scouts, and GM's in the NFL, CFL, XFL, NAL, IFL, CIF, AAL, X-League, GFL, Finland, and Mexico.


This is a wonderful opportunity to get your face and information in front of the individuals who build professional teams!


To be included, please click here to secure your spot in the Free Agents of 2020 digest. Distribution of the digest will take place on December 30, 2020 and you will receive a copy of it via email.  Once your order is placed, you will be emailed a full questionnaire to complete your informational intake (within 2 business days) and you will be added to the publication.

Free Agents of 2020 (Digest)


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