MUSICIANS! Our Public Relations Firm is selling our 112 page contact database of over 990 campuses across the US. This includes college radio station managers, student newspaper editors, along with their social media contact information.


If you are looking to get your band booked for college gigs, get your music played at college radio stations to reach the college crowds, or featured in college publications, this is the College Crowd Bible! Our database has been updated daily for over a year and has a wealth of great information for you.


 If you are a do-it-yourselfer and just need a solid contact list to pitch your band to universities across the country, this list is invaluable.


With this gig, we will provide you with an updated list of over 990 student programmers at these campuses across the United States! The document contains University name, Programmer name, email address, phone numbers, as well as social media contact and university newspaper contacts where available. LOTS of great information!!


ALL MUSIC GENRES can benefit from this incredible list that has taken years to build.


This is a tremendously valuable way to begin building your contact list if you are looking to market your music to the college crowd. Offering the list at $50 to help musicians get an upper hand.

College Venue Bible