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Your questions, our answers


What are the requirements?

Be sure to turn off private mode and refrain from changing the username while the order is in progress. In order to turn off private mode, you’d have to access the settings page on your Instagram app and then look for private mode and turn it off. Please be sure to provide your profile link and not your post URL.


Are the followers real?

No, the followers are not real. We try our best to make them appear real. The followers provided in this service are not real and not active. The majority will have a DP and have a few posts and followers of their own. 90% or more of the followers will be females, the majority will be from South America. Remember, when you are just starting out, having numbers helps real organic followers want to follow you. You will want to layer your efforts in order to grow. Our non-organic followers help create that image you need to get going. Non-organic following is to be used as a tool for organic growth only. 


Will the followers drop?

While in most cases, the followers are stable – at times they can drop in a small percentage. For this we have the option of automatic refill, meaning, if a drop occurs, we’ll automatically and fully replenish it, so long as it is within 30 days of purchase.


What makes these premium?

In the category of fake followers, these are relatively better looking and way more stable than most services out there. Most followers have a DP, a few posts, and followers of their own. And that is all that makes these premium.


Is this for me?

Of course! Social media and beyond – everywhere social proof trumps all. There is a reason even famous celebs and politicians purchase engagement. Authority is imperative if you wish to attract a real fan base. People would rather follow a 100K account than follow an account that has 10K followers.


Will I get banned?

Impossible. Given that login credentials are not required to purchase services, you can pretty much purchase anything for anyone you want – including your competitors. If purchasing likes and followers led to accounts getting banned or blocked – then you will basically have the power to shut anyone’s social media account. As you can imagine, that is impossible. All our services are 100% safe to purchase.

5,000 Instagram Followers

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