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Who is in charge?

One of the concepts that our Firm is built around is the truth that our clients are the CEO of their Brand. You may have many handlers: managers, publicists, agents, etc. With so many people advising you or just straight out telling you what to do, it's easy to forget that YOU are the one at the helm.

I want to challenge you to get into a routine of telling yourself : "I am the boss." "I am in charge of my career." "I go where I want to go." "My tribe is here to support me but I make the decisions."

We see way too many clients fall through the cracks. They wake up one day and realize that someone else is commanding the ship that they built! They dream an entire life-time of being exactly where they are and they realize they no longer have control over anything they say or do. You're told where to go, when to be there, & what to do. This is not what you have worked so hard for. You work, cry, & bleed so that you can have the thing that you have always wanted & dreamed of. Do not let anyone keep you from your destiny.

Many agents & advisors are put into place because of their wisdom & their connections. Though they are there to protect you from things that could harm you or your career, some of them end up blocking you from opportunities that are good for you. You have lost complete control if someone you hired to help you, is hindering you. Pay attention to your team and make sure that their advice is aligning with your vision. Ensure that you are communicating your vision to your team effectively. Question any who continually go against things you have a strong desire to accomplish. We are here to guide you, give our opinion, share our expertise, and help shape your vision into reality. We don't tell you to change your image or do something that isn't in line with who you are at your core. If your team isn't asking, "What do you want?" "How can I help you achieve what you are wanting?" then you need to assess your support team. We are behind you 100% and we will not stop until we have worked as hard as you have. We are here if you need us.


With Gratitude,

Brandy Runyan, CEO