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The Importance of Creating Powerful Strategies

A sport publicist creates a creative PR strategy and helps athletes understand how the process works. There is far more to building a brand than slapping a logo on a t-shirt!

We help our clients understand the importance of building and maintaining their personal brand, even apart from their team, and arm them with the tools and resources to support it.

My job involves a lot of LISTENING to my client. Brand development is an art that must never deviate from the original source material. In our specialized field, the original source material is the athlete himself. We take professional queues from personality quirks and individual characteristics.

We find out what our clients want to accomplish and WHY. (The WHY is the most important part of a successful PR strategy.) From there, we work with our clients to build PR campaigns and strategies that make sense and that are realistic/attainable.

If you are looking for a publicist or a PR home, please contact me directly at

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