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Reputation Management & Asset Protection

One of the most important and coveted jobs I have as a Sport Publicist is the protection of my client's greatest professional asset: their reputation.

I don't take that lightly. One of the best things my client's have told me is that they can sleep at night knowing that someone is out there keeping an ear to the ground for mentions of their name.

We offer strategic and specific monitoring services for our clients. If anyone is mentioning our client in any form of media, be it print/radio/social/etc... we find out about it. By monitoring the brands that we are helping build, we can be aware of anything that is being said about our clients, grade the mentions and know if a response is needed. We can generally see the ember long before the smoke, so to speak, so we can be prepared for a fire to break out if that is the case.

In having this system in place, we can coach our clients on proper responses (or non responses) and keep them informed of any news that they need to know about. There is simply so much chatter out there that doesn't even matter and doesn't require any form of considerable acknowledgement, however, we are on it if it does. Who's looking out for you?

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