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Of Publicists and Agents... How They Work Together, Why You Need Them Both

One of the most important jobs I have as a Sport Publicist is to maintain good working relationships with my athlete's AGENTS! That's right folks.... you DO work together!

Many athletes think that all they need is an agent. That's wrong. You also truly need a publicist. A good agent will tell you that a publicist is worth their weight in gold! Agents and Publicists do NOT do the same thing, we cannot place one another, but we are the ultimate Dream Team for our athlete clients.

I am truly incredibly blessed to work alongside some of the most prestigious and amazing sport agents in the industry. They are insightful, helpful, supportive, and I couldn't imagine working for my clients without them!

Together, we coordinate marketing moves, build incredible PR campaigns, and team up to make mountains move for the mutual benefit of our Athletes.

If you are looking for a publicist or a PR home, please contact me directly at

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