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Athletes & PR Crisis Management

Though it is rare, there are times when a PR crisis can rear its ugly head. The time to hire a publicist is long before a negative event occurs in your professional career.

Working with a publicist long-term affords you the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a PR professional who will have your back in any event a crisis should arise. By then, they will know you inside and out and be able to coach you through any situation.

Crisis PR in the Sport Industry is a newer developing and specialized field. We specialize in rapid reputation recovery and our backup plan always has a backup plan. Our Firm believes in keeping things ethical and integrity-based, which means we don't encourage "spin" in an event situation.

Our clients have carefully crafted PR strategies to help always keep them on the positive forefront of their own brand building, so that if a crisis every arises, we have a solid foundation to draw from.

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