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A Good Sport Publicist Gets you Recognized

One of the things a good sport publicist does is get you recognized for all of the amazing things you do "off the field" as well as highlight what you do on the field.

NFL Legends have little trouble being applauded for their on-field victories, but a lot of fans have no real idea just how much goodwill efforts are given when a player isn't inside the grid.

Publicists bring media attention to events that go on behind the scenes. I work with my pro clients to help them develop their charitable passions and encourage them to do what truly feeds their soul. In a society that that leads by example, I want fans and the public to know about all of the incredible non-profit and selfless activities that my players are involved in outside of football.

Charitable giving is not a spectator sport, and it's not a publicity stunt. We don't treat them as such either. We find tactful, appropriate ways to highlight the beautiful voluntary giving and time donation that our players are involved in. Knowing that your favorite player is involved in a cause that you're also interested in, many times motivates your or others to do more charitable give-back of your/their own.

There is so much more to pro athletes than what you see them doing on the field! We help bring that into focus!

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