Our Staff


Brandy Runyan


LeAnn Sellers
Executive Vice President
Brian Elam
Director of Business Development
Aundrea M.
Director of Sponsorships & Endorsements
Meghan K.
Sponsorships & Endorsements Manager
Venny S.
Podcast & Entertainment Manager
James H.
Creative Director
Shane Smith
Financial Planning Advisor
Former NFL Player
Matthew M.
Financial Advisor
Ashton F.
Sports Publicist/Athlete Manager
Diane M.
Executive Asst. to the CEO
Ricky C.
Communications Manager
Staci S.
HR Manager
Ty M.
NBA-Acquisitions Manager
Autumn M.
Andrew W.
Sports Intern
Braylyn S.
Basketball Intern
Taylor T.
Acquisitions Director
Lauren B.
Eric N.
Sport Media Consultant
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