9/11 Memorial StairClimb Dallas- 2016

Black Diamond PR Firm has been selected as the official Donations Procurement Team for the 2016 9/11 Memorial StairClimb in Dallas. We are looking for companies who would like to donate ONE OR MORE items for the event this year. Items will be raffled off and all monies raised will be donated to the families of those Dallas Police Officers' Families who were affected by the June 7, 2016 shootings in Dallas. Please take a moment to review the Promotional Video to learn more about the impact of this memorial event, as well as the information about this organization.

What is the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb? 
The Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is not a race, but rather a tribute honoring the sacrifices of fallen heroes - both near and far. 
Fulfilling a promise to "NEVER FORGET" their brothers and sisters who have died in the line of duty, 343 firefighters, 70 law enforcement officers and 9 EMTs (the number of firefighters/law enforcement/EMTs that perished at Ground Zero with the collapse of the Twin Towers) climb 110 floors (the height of the former World Trade Center Twin Towers).

Most climbers wear their personal protective equipment.
ALL climbers wear the name and picture of the hero they are climbing for.

"We climb because they climbed"
On the morning of September 11th 2001 thousands of New York'sBravest and Finest responded to the terrorist attacks in order to perform the largest rescue and high-rise firefighting operation in history.
Upon their arrival firefighters climbed the stairs of the 110 story buildings in their forty to sixty pounds of personal protective gear PLUS twenty to thirty pounds of additional firefighting equipment. 

Law Enforcement Officers responded right there beside them.

The most poignant connection to their story occurs when we climb because they climbed.

Witnessing the event provides spectators (family, friends and the general public) both an inspiring experience and intense reminder of the sacrifice, dedication and commitment required of those who serve and protect their communities around the world.

A Tribute Full of Symbolism
Our event features numerous symbolic elements.

Choreographed to 9/11 - The climb begins with a group photo at 8am. At 8:46am, and immediately following the opening ceremony, a moment of silence is observed marking the time that Flight 11 hit the North Tower.

Table of Honor - Prominently displayed the week before and after the climb in the building lobby, the Table of Honor has its origins as a military tradition. The table has been adapted to include specific elements for fire department, law enforcement and EMS with a "place setting" to recognize the sacrifices of firefighters, law enforcement and EMS killed in the line of duty in Texas since the last climb.

5-5-5 Bell Ceremony - a fire service tradition, an Honor Guard member strikes a bell 5 times in series, with a pause between to honor the fallen.

PASS Device / TAPS - The moment that each tower fell (9:59 and 10:28) firefighters will activate their PASS devices (distress alarm) and climbers stop their ascent and taps will be played. Immediately following a moment of silence is observed. 

Accountability Tags / Boards - As climbers reach the top they place their accountability tag on a board and ring a bell indicating that the individual they climbed for has made it to the top.

Group Photos at the Top - Those who climb together are given the opportunity to get their group photo taken at the top.

September 11th / FDNY artifacts
For the past four years our event has been fortunate enough to include items that have a special connection to Ground Zero, some of these items include:

Piece of Steel - The Prosper Fire Department, with assistance from Signature Towing, has brought their piece of steel from Ground Zero. 

Capt Waters / FF York Fire Helmets - Mr Bill Szendry has arranged, with the support of their widows, for climbers at our event to wear the helmets of these two FDNY members who were killed on September 11th. 

Flags Flown at Ground Zero - Mr Leroy Lott has arranged for a flag that has been flown over Ground Zero to be passed between climbers as the begin the climb.

If you might be interested in contributing an item for this moving event, please contact me as soon as possible. We have an official Donations Form as well as a list of BENEFITS your company will receive in return for your product donation. Please let us know what your thoughts might be and perhaps we could discuss what might be worked out if you have interest.

This is going to be an incredible and moving event yet again this year and our company is so deeply honored to be part of it. Please email me at brandy@blackdiamondfirm.com for details.

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