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Marla Stone, MSW, is the owner of I-Deal-Lifestyle corporate/residential de-cluttering and workshop/training services. Marla has a BA in Psychology and Masters in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach. During Marla’s 17 year career in Social Work and Private Practice she helped 1000’s of people heal from inner turmoil. Marla is a National CEU provider for NASW teaching new and innovative interventions for eliminating mental health symptoms. In 2010 upon retiring from Private Practice Marla found her truest passion in creating engaging and practical workshops, public speaking, writing books and professional organizing.

For the past 25 years I-Deal-Lifestyle CEO Marla Stone, MSW has helped people heal inner and outer clutter. 17 years, as a social worker/psychotherapist, and the past seven years as a Professional Design Organizer. Marla Stone has revolutionized the way homes and businesses are de-cluttered. Her clientele are sports figures, TV stars, busy parents, kids, seniors, empty nesters, students, newly married, people moving, and people with Hoarding Disorder. I-Deal-Lifestyle started in Irvine, Ca., in 2010 and is currently licensing organizers nationwide.


I-Deal-Lifestyle began with a big question that perplexed researchers, therapists, and most of the world watching Hoarding T.V. shows. The question of how to keep someone organized, long-term without drama and harm. Marla Stone's methods help people get de-cluttered in an easy, non-threatening way, and stay that way forever. Stone discovered that current de-cluttering experiences were leaving people disempowered, and with loads of regrets. She could see the power struggle between people and their objects and anyone who attempted to intervene. A book she wrote on her organizing methods is currently being marketed to publishers by her literary agent, Hilary Claggett. Marla’s ambition is to help cure over-collecting, over-accumulating, worldwide, with her simple methods and techniques. "I've always been entrepreneurial. I have an analytical mind. I like to create cures for the most difficult emotional challenges.” Stone created a proprietary teaching to help people understand a criteria for what to keep, how to clear space, categorize objects, and how to find and create storage solutions which result in long-term organization, and a “forever system”. 


Marla worked 8-10 hours a day, seven days a week to develop the I-Deal-Lifestyle Method. Marla's first client had collected enough clothes to fill over 40 large bags due to a failing marriage. Marla quickly realized she was doing old fashioned "social work" mixed with decorating and feng shui. I-Deal-Lifestyle has helped over 1700 properties, and over 4000 people get and stay organized. Marla started the business with a sedan, and quickly realized she could not serve the flood of calls by herself. She quickly traded her car with her husband’s SUV, and contracted with organizers, decorators, movers, handymen, and junk removal companies to fulfill all the work. Up to 20 calls a day come in primarily from the five websites she built. Her dream is to have an I-Deal-Lifestyle certified organizer in every state. 

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