Lawrence Trice Jr.

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Lawrence Trice Jr. has taken the nation by surprise with his determination to win after returning from some crucial and sometimes career ending injuries. Some people might have said they would quit after having two hamstring tears, a LCL tear, surgical repair on the lower abdominal, a groin tear, and a hernia.


Most people only see his captivating smile and lightning sprints, but what they do not realize is that this man’s story can bring you to tears. He has top 5 marks at Arizona State University and has broken numerous records at AAG Sports Academy, which still stands to this day. He was also World ranked in the 60m and 100m before his injuries.


After battling several injuries, including two torn hamstrings, an LCL tear, and others, he made an incredible comeback when he qualified for multiple NCAA Championships and US Nationals. He went to the last Olympic Trials where he brought home the Silver and Gold medals with Team USA.

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