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Josef Gotsch started his athletic career at the early age of 4 years old. Coming from a highly competitive and athletic family, it was no surprise that Josef got an early start in sport. His father was a professional skier and rugby player from Austria, and his maternal grandfather was a professional bowler. Josef was extremely active growing up, participating in soccer, baseball, swimming, skiing, bowling, tennis, and basketball.


His passion, however, was handball. Josef started participating in handball in middleschool, just bouncing the ball off the brick wall on the playground. He helped forge interest in the sport during his high school years, attending two Cuny Handball Tournaments and earning second place finishes back to back. As his popularity and following began to grow, he knew that he was destined to be an integral player in growing the sport worldwide.


In 2018, Josef Gotsch attended the Worlds, which is the Olympics of Handball. He earned a Gold Medal in the A Division and a Bronze medal in the Open Division. The Worlds is hosted only once every three years.


Gotsch has upcoming competitions in London, England on February 24th, Sicily, Italy, on March 25th, and the Red Bull Tour later this year.


Josef is passionate about increasing awareness about this unique sport and inspiring love for the game in others. He is truly a pioneer in the sport and is leading the charge worldwide for Handball.

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