Industry BlackList

Black Diamond PR Firm has been a trusted Black List maintenance agency for years. The Industry-wide blacklist contains the list and names of venues, companies, as well as groups and individuals who have a black mark upon them in the entertainment industry. This list includes, but is not limited to the following:

Music Industry:

-Bands or Individuals who do not follow through on contracts, via breach or early termination

-Clients/bands/individuals with open invoices or unpaid bills with agents, companies, etc

-Venues that have a history overbooking or not paying previously agreed upon wages to bands/musicians

Talent Industry:

-Shady casting agents

-Fraudulent solicitors for gigs or jobs

-Actors with unpaid bills or those with breach of contract with agents or agencies

Small Business Industry:

-Companies under investigation for fraud or malpractice

-Companies guilty of misleading consumers or racketeering

To gain access to Black List or to request an addition to the list:

please email

for further review.