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NIL Management

Black Diamond is heavily networked in the sport and entertainment industry and we understand the needs of collegiate athletes. We work to stay up to date on NCAA and NAIA rulings which govern the ability of athletes to profit from the use of their likeness. We have been a leader in sponsorships, endorsements, and product placement for nearly 15 years. We are ready to represent you and assist in getting you the best endorsement deals possible. We provide a range of representation services to meet your needs and are NCAA and NAIA compliant. 

If you are not eligible to receive full athlete management at this time, you may still be eligible to retain Black Diamond to manage just your sponsorships & endorsements and remain compliant with current rulings and enforcement. 


Partnering our athletes with the business brands and companies is a passion for us. We work to build our athletes as influencers in Sport and pair them with unique branding and endorsement opportunities. 

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