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Corporate & Small Businesses

Black Diamond is heavily networked in the Corporate & Small Business world. Our company began exclusively with the purpose of working with small businesses.   We know how important the right exposure and branding is to successfully launching your company, services, or products. From launch to release, and everything in between, we can work with you to customize the right strategy and PR campaign to make your project a success. We care about working alongside you to carve out the perfect image and reach the right target audience. We use all digital media, as well as print & television, to help magnify your project and increase visibility. Whether you're creating a foundation or building a fanbase, our knowledge and expertise can help you achieve your goals.  All of our strategies and marketing campaigns for the business industry include the following:


*Media Relations

*Press Release Creation

*Press Release Distribution

*Product Reviews


*Public Image

*Marketing & Promotion

*Social Media Management

*Press Kit Design & Distribution

*Product Launches



*News Media



*Product Placement Assistance (TV/Film/Celebrity Endorsements & more)

*Special Event PR (Award Shows, Gifting Lounges, and more...)


*Sponsorships & Partnership Networking

*Subscription Box Marketing & Launch Service


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