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National Ranking System



Black Diamond Sport & Entertainment Group, LLC has been charged with maintaining the National Free Agent Ranking System for free agent football players through 2029. This system will revolutionize the way free agents are assessed and ranked, providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for athletes and professional football leagues alike. The current National Ranking System is available to the NFL, CFL, UFL, all foreign leagues, and professional indoor football leagues and maintained by Black Diamond Sport & Entertainment Group, LLC on a monthly basis.


The National Ranking System is now accepting free agent stat information for ranking purposes. The official system will launch and be open to the public on September 1st, 2024. All free agents are welcome to submit their current stats into the system ahead of the launch. The list is maintained on a monthly basis and will be maintained by Black Diamond Sports & Entertainment Group, LLC for the next 5 years.Testing events will be offered nationally starting in the Fall. Athletes will be able to test and update their stats at any time. To get your information into the initial system, please follow the link provided. Our agency is very excited to have the privilege to work closely with the leagues and provide new opportunities to free agents.

Current Rankings Page Coming September 1, 2024

How It Works

  • Athletes between the ages of 18-35 will have the opportunity to participate in combine-style assessments conducted nationwide. During these assessments, their skills and measurables will be officially recorded and entered into our system, forming the basis of the athlete's national ranking. This ranking system will be accessible to all American Football leagues, including the NFL, CFL, UFL, GFL, overseas & foreign leagues, as well as professional indoor football leagues and teams.


  • Beginning in the Summer of 2024, assessments will be conducted on an ongoing basis. Athletes will have the opportunity to be evaluated at any location and have their ranking updated accordingly.

Subscription and Fees

  • Athletes will be required to pay an evaluation fee to participate in the assessment process. Additionally, a subscription service will be available for athletes to maintain their ranking throughout the year ($5 per month).


  • Athletes will gain visibility among professional football leagues, increasing their chances of being scouted and signed. The system provides a standardized evaluation process, ensuring fair and accurate rankings. Additionally, athletes can track their progress and work towards improving their ranking over time, creating an opportunity for continuous growth.

Get Ranked!

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the National Free Agent Ranking System. Stay tuned for more information on how to participate and elevate your football career to the next level!

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